Gentlemen, you have a race!
Into the first turn
Close Race
Evenly matched
Into turn 1
Formula 1
This plane was built for one purpose... to win the Biplane class
The fastest sport aircraft are now faster than the slowest Unlimiteds
Michael Goulian
This guy rocks!
Gene Soucy
Is she crazy?
Kent Pietsch
Notice the missing aileron, and that's a bag of flour on the wingtip
Now that's STOL!
Merlin's Magic broke a piston, and the rod cut the block in half
This is what they pulled out of the sump
Precious Metal
Rare Bear was in the hangar
USAF Hertiage Flight
Restored Rhino
A pair of Mustangs
Section 3
VIP Service
Cook Cleland's F2G Super Corsair
Big Bossman
Heading for the finish line
September Pops
Bronze Winner Polar Bear P-51A
Big Bossman
Precious Metal
Unlimiteds in the last turn
September Pops and Cloud Dancer in a tight race
F2G Super Corsair racing for the first time in 57 years
September Fury leading Dreadnought
Cloud Dancer
September Fury
Riff Raff
Gold Winner September Fury